Making Another Cut is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


US Version

The piece of wood below is oddly shaped and difficult to work with effectively. The best solution is to cut it into two pieces that, when combined form a square.

Because of the grain of wood, however, the two pieces can't be flipped or rotated after being cut.

Draw lines that show where to make this cut, then tap Submit.

UK Version

This wooden board is oddly shaped and difficult to work with.

The best solution would be to cut it into two pieces that form a square when they are combined.

However, the grain of the wood means that the two pieces can't be flipped or rotated after being cut.

Draw lines where the board needs to be cut, then touch Submit.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

You don't need to make any cuts on the left side of the board.

The gap there is three squares long. In order to fill it, you need to find a place to cut an equally shaped piece from.

Find a shape you can cut out that will both fill this three-square gap and utilize the three-square L shape protruding from the right side.

You actually need to make two separate cuts to form the right piece: a short, one-square line and a long, four-square line that turns twice.

Once you've made the correct cuts, shift your piece one square up and two squares to the left, and it will fit right in and make a square!

The top square of the L-shaped piece protruding from the right side of the board is one square of the shape you need to cut out. From there, draw two lines tot he left so that your shape includes the two squares to the left of it. Now combine those three squares with the other two of the protruding L shape, and you've got your five-square piece! If you finish cutting out this shape, you've got it!



Too bad!

Focus your thinking on how to fill the three-square gap.


Sharp solution!

Quite an interesting rearrangement, huh?


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