Marionettes is a puzzle in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


There are six puppets, each with individually controlled body parts. They each have a total of six parts: a head, a body, two arms, and two legs.

The controls for each of the puppet's body parts have been separated. Use the stylus to connect each puppet with the correct number of body parts.

Note that none of the connections can overlap each other.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

There are many possible combinations that can be made.

The easiest one to spot is on the far right side. The purple puppet's parts shouldn't be too hard to miss.

Try and highlight all the parts for the yellow puppet now.

Highlight the entire second column from the right, except for the uppermost space.

On the second space down from the puppet, highlight the single foot to the left.

Next up is the blue puppet.

In the bottom left corner, highlight the foot above and the body below. Then highlight all the space to the right of the body.

That leaves only three puppets left.

Take a close look at the green puppet.

There are two spaces to the right that can easily be highlighted. From there, highlight all of the spaces below the first highlighted hand. The section should be T-shaped.

The two puppets left should be easy.




The puppets look very pleased to be standing on their feet again!

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