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Monster! is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


Oh, no! The town is in grave peril!

As you read this, a fearsome monster is launching an attack on St. Mystere! Ward off the beast by stabbing it in the eye! And for goodness' sake, HURRY!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

At a glance, the picture appears to be filled with glowing objects that could well be eyes. But remember, there's only one monster attacking the village.

The monster is huge.
In fact, it's so big that it could well cover the whole of the town!

Have you figured out where the monster is going to strike from?
Look to the skies!



Too bad!

That beast is there somewhere, so keep searching.


Well done!

It seems the fiend was hiding in the night sky. You certainly gave it what for!


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