Moonlight, Starlight is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


This is the hanging lampshade Mehri wants to make. It's made up of eight triangular panels, only two of which are decorated with an image.

Have a look at the unassembled lampshade on the Touch Screen. One panel has already been decorated with a star.

Help Layton and Umid work out where moon should go to create the lampshade displayed on the top screen!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Let's start by eliminating the obvious: you know the moon doesn't go on the panel immediately beneath the star.

Now, how about the two panels on either side of that one?

The moon doesn't go on any of the panels immediately after the adjacent to the panel where the star is located.

Also, if you consider the panel with the star on it and one directly beneath it to be the front of the lampshade, then the two panels next to the one under the star form the lower sides. As you can see on the top screen, the moon end up at the back - it mustn't go on these panels.

If the panel right in the middle of the unassembled lampshade makes up one of the finished lampshade, where does the one to the left of it go?

That's right. It joins up with the star panel, meaning that this panel is an upper side of the lampshade.

If the panel one to the left of the middle forms an upper side of the lampshade, the one to the left of that forms part of the back, where the moon is located.

That means the correct answer is either this panel of the one below.



Too bad.

Look at the position of the star, as well as how the lampshade will fold together, it is the key to working out where the moon needs to go.


Nice lamp, champ!

The panel in the very bottom left is the spot where the moon needs to go. What a lovely warm glow

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