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Mutual Meeting Place is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


Four friends are going to the theatre and plan to meet at the bus stop outside.
A: "Ugh, for the shortest journey, there's just one option and it has two changes!"
B: "Fantastic! I can get a direct bus!"
C: "So...I change at the second stop I come to, then I get off two stops after that?"
D: "Hmm. It looks as though I have two possibilities, and they both have the same number of stops. Which do I choose?"

Based on these statements, can you work out which bus stop they're meeting at?


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Start by looking at what B has to say. She can get a direct bus, so the bus stop must be on the blue or orange line.

Next, look at what C has to say. C travels two stops on the green line then changes onto a different bus.

This means that the meeting place is on a line that crosses the green line two stops after C's starting position.

The information provided by B and C should have narrowed down the potential solutions significantly for this puzzle.

Now what about what A says? He had one route to the bus stop and he requires two chances. That should narrow down your options even further.

From A, B and C's comments, it's clear that the friends are meeting at a bus stop that's on both the red line and the blue line.

D has two possible methods for reaching the bus stop, and both methods have the same number of stops. That means that if you find three possible ways to get to a stop, you can rule that stop out.

Have you arrived at a decision now?



Too bad.

Read what the four people have to say one more time.


Busted it!

Nice work, it seems like everyone managed to find each other... But what show are they going to dressed like that?!