Next Number is a weekly puzzle in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.


A child is writing numbers on paper with a black crayon and a red crayon.

So far she's written 2, 21, 1121, 1321, 122131. Though it may look as if she's writing randomly, she is in fact following a rule.

What is the next number that the child will write in the sequence?


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All numbers after the first consist of alternating orange and black digits. This is half the key to the pattern. The other half is in the relationship between each number and the one that came right before it.



Too bad!

The alternating colors are the key to the pattern.


That's right!

It's 122232.

Each number on the board describes the number that came right before it.

Thus, 122232 describes the number 132231. The number 1 appears twice, 2 appears twice, and 3 also appears twice.


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