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Number Maze is a puzzle in the European version of Professor Layton and the Curious Village. For the puzzle in the American version of the game, go here.


Try this number maze for size!
Start from the center square, and continue until you reach one of the goal squares A-D.

Here are the rules:
- You can move the number of squares written on the square you are currently on.
- You can move horizontally or vertically, but only in one direction per move.
- You must land exactly on a goal square to finish.

Which goal square can you reach?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

If you try out all the possible routes from the starting point, you'll eventually find the answer. But if you look at the problem a little differently, it won't take so long!

The rules are actually helpful hints.
You have to land exactly on a goal square...

Find the squares that you can move from to land exactly on a goal square.



Too bad!


That's right! The answer is B.

Look at the picture to see the route. This puzzle looks difficult, but working it out backwards makes it obvious that B is the only reachable goal square.

CV050S UK.jpg

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