Perplexing Patterns is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


After a busy day in his shop, the owner has run out of gift boxes he can use. However, he spots some leftover red card and decides to make some more from that.

With the coloured cube nets he's provided, show how this single sheet of red card can be divided into eight new boxes.

The entire sheet of card must be used up, and the nets cannot overlap. Feel free to rotate them, though!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

This piece of red card has a pretty strange shape, so start from the top and work your way down.

Are there any nets that look like they'd fit in the top-left corner? There's one that will fit in perfectly if you rotate it 90° anticlockwise...

You've worked out which net goes in the top-left corner, have you? Good. Next up is the top-right corner. You don't have to rotate the net that goes in here.

As for the net that goes in the bottom-right corner, it needs to be rotated so that it's taller than it is long.

Have you placed all the nets mentioned in the hints up till now? If so, you should have a yellow net in the top right, a green net in the bottom right, and a blue net in the top left.

Now, there's only one net that can fit snugly between the yellow net and the blue one. Try rotating the remaining nets until you find the right one.

It's the orange net that goes between the yellow and the blue ones. Which net goes directly below this one, then? That's right! The brown one.

Three pieces to go. You can do it!



You sure are gifted!

You've shown how you can make eight cute boxes from this awkwardly shaped piece of card - and without wasting any of it, either!

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