Pet Menagerie is a puzzle in the European version of Professor Layton and the Curious Village. For the puzzle in the American version of the game, go here.


This young man is boasting about the many and varied pets he keeps.

"I have 10 pets. Not just canaries and dogs, but tortoises and even snakes! I can't tell you how many of each animal I have, but there are six wings, three shells and 26 legs between all of them!"

Can you work out how many snakes he has?


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Birds have two wings and two legs.

Since only the canaries have wings, you know that there must be three canaries to make a total of six wings.

That means canaries account for six of the legs, too.

Tortoises have four legs.

With a total of three shells, there can only be three tortoises, which means another 12 legs.

Added to the six canary legs, that's 18 legs accounted for.

The boys states that he has 10 pets with a total of 26 legs.

Canaries and tortoises together make up six pets with 18 legs, so there are four pets and eight legs left.

Dogs, as you know, have four legs.



Give it another try!

This might seem obvious, but your answer will be the name of an animal.


That's right! He has two pet snakes.

If there are six wings, then there can only be three canaries, with a total of six legs. Three shells means three tortoises, with four legs each for a total of 12 legs. Added together, these six animals have 18 legs, which leaves four more animals and eight legs. Since dogs have four legs and snakes none, there must be two dogs and two snakes.


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