Pieces of Chocolate (Choc-hole-ate in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


A 5 X 10 centimeter chocolate bar has a 5 X 1 centimeter piece broken off the right side, as shown in the image below. How many more 5 X 1 centimeter pieces can you break off of the remaining chocolate bar?

Also, there's a 5-millimeter hole in the bar 1 centimeter in from the left side and 2.5 centimeters up from the bottom.

Any piece that has even a tiny bit of this hole in it can't be included in your answer.


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Break up in the remaining chocolate bar into equal pieces. If you make each piece identical to the first piece, you'll end up with nine more pieces.

If you break the remaining chocolate bar into nine equal pieces in the same vertical manner as the first piece, you'll end up with two pieces one the left side with pieces of the hole in them. So that's 9 - 2 = 7, right?

You don't have to break off all of the remaining pieces in the same way as the first one. Try breaking the pieces off horizontally from the left side of the chocolate bar.

You can get rid of the entire hole in just one piece. If you do that, how many are left? That's your answer.



Too bad!

You just need to think about it from a couple of different angles.



Eight more pieces is exactly right.

As shown in the image above, if you break up the left side in a way that includes the entire hole in one piece, you can exclude that one and still make eight more pieces.


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