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Pigpen Partitions is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


Seven prize-winning pigs are lazing about in a pen.

To make sure that the pigs don't fight with each other, you've decided to section off the pen with three ropes.

Can you hitch the ropes up to some of the posts shown below and separate each pig from its neighbor? Remember, not even a snout or curly tail can sneak over each partition!


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Since you have seven pigs to separate and only three ropes, it's pretty much a given that the ropes will have to overlap in places.

Go ahead and hitch the ropes up a couple of times. You might just find the answer.

Look at how the seven pigs are arranged. Do you see the one pig in the middle? In order to separate him from the other pigs, you're going to have to surround him with rope on all sides.

Your three ropes need to be arranged in such a way that they surround and isolate the middle pig.

Arrange your three ropes so that the little pig in the middle is surrounded completely.

Next, look at how your ropes are laid out. You need to keep the middle pig surrounded, but you also need to separate the other pigs. There aren't many configurations that will satisfy those conditions, so you should have an answer before you know it.



Try again!

Hurry and do something before the pigs start fighting with each other!

Have you ever seen a pigfight? It's not a pretty sight!


Good job!

US Version

You've made a lot of pigs very happy.

UK Version

Even the pigs are bound to be happy with this arrangement.


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