Pin Board Shapes is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


The cross shape on the pin board below has nine pins inside it and 16 outside it.

Remember that example, because now it's your turn to construct a shape on the board. Can you create a cross that has 17 pins inside it and 16 outside it?

Feel free to make your cross any size you like.


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The original cross in this problem is composed of 24 pins.
The board contains a total of 49 pins. Subtract the 16 pins on the outside and the 17 on the inside and you get 16, the number of pins that will make up your cross.

There are only a few ways you can place a 16-pin cross on the board.
When you think you're onto something but don't have quite enough space to draw your cross, you should try something a little bit different.
Like maybe changing the orientation of your cross...

The cross has to be oriented diagonally on the board.
Now you just need to decide how big to make your cross. Make sure you draw it to include the right number of pins!



Give it another shot!

Feel free to make the cross whatever size you like. The same goes for the direction it faces...


That's right!

This puzzle is a cinch once you figure out that the cross needs to be placed diagonally on the board.

Sometimes the only thing you really need to solve a puzzle is a little creative thinking.


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