Poke 'em Totems is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Who's responsible for this mess?! Each of these columns should be three blocks high and have a totem head on top! The heads were arranged from left to right in the order: yellow, blue, green, red.

Can you use the mallet to shunt the blocks around and restore the columns to their original grandeur?

Be careful, though: you can never hit the top block in a column. Think carefully about which order to hit the blocks in.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

You'll want to start by shunting blocks into the second column, which is currently empty. Make sure the totem heads never fall below their final position, fourth from the bottom.

If you hit any block in the leftmost column, the blue totem head will fall below its final position, so leave that column alone for now.

Wielding the mallet from the right-hand side, shunt three blocks into the empty second column.

There are various ways to solve this puzzle. One is to keep hitting whatever the bottom, rightmost arrow points. After three hits, you should have two blocks in the fourth column. Shunt the plain block under the red totem head to the right, and then all you need to do is get the heads in the right place.

Continuing from Hint 3, you should have the yellow and blue heads in the first column and the red and green ones in the third column, right?

Now hit the green head from the right, and the the rest should be easy!



Well done!

Even the totem heads themselves seem happy to be back in their places...
Or do they?

  • Initial position
  • Push where shown
  • Push where shown
  • Push where shown
  • Push where shown
  • Push where shown
  • Correct!

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