Potion Placement is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


A witch has asked you to tidy up her house, and tells you where to put each potion: Red - five steps from the back door. Blue - six steps from the back door, five from the red potion. Green - five steps from the front door and three from the blue potion. Purple - four steps from the front door, three from the red potion.

Put the potions away in the right places! By the way, the front door is on the top left, and each square represents one step.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The red potion should be the easiest one to position, since there's only one condition attached to it. Use the Memo Function to mark each spot where it can be put.

Next, let's look at the blue potion, and the first condition attached to it. There are a number of spots that fulfil this condition, but when you consider the second condition - that it needs to be placed five steps from the red potion - the number of potential places it can be put is significantly reduced.

If you followed the steps listed in hint 2, you should have a number of candidate spots for the red and blue potions.

Try fulfilling both potions' conditions by putting the red potion on the right edge of the second row from the top, and the blue potion two squares from the right edge, on the fourth row from the top.

If you place the red and blue potions as described in Hint 3, you will notice that the purple potion has to be put away in the top row, in the fourth square from the left.

And finally, since you already know where the blue potion goes, you should be able to work out where the green potion belongs.



Too bad. Check the conditions for where to place each potion once more.



You've put all the potions right where the witch wants them.

A good job, too. She might have turned you into a frog if you hadn't!

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