Potion Placement 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


You've been asked to tidy up this witch's house, and all you have is this note to help:
Red - four steps from the porch door.
Blue - six steps from the back door, three from the purple potion.
Green - four steps from the porch door, five from the purple potion.
Purple - five steps from the back door and three from the red potion.

Put the potions in their rightful places! By the way, the porch door is at the top left, and each square represents one step.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Start by thinking about where the red and purple potions need to go.

Use the Memo Function to make life easier.

After you've established the potential spots where the red and purple potions could go, as suggested in Hint 1, turn your attention to the blue potion.

Thinking about where the blue potion goes should narrow down your options for where to put the red and purple potions.

After thinking about where the blue potion can go, as recommended in Hint 2, the next thing to do is to think about how the purple potion relates to the red one, and how the blue potion relates to the purple one.

By considering the conditions of the three bottles and how they relate to each other, you'll soon realise the only place the blue potion can go is the square that's fourth from the top and second from the right.

Hint 3 showed you where the blue potion needs to be placed. Once you know this, it's obvious the purple potion has to go in the square that's fifth from the top, third from the left. The red potion should be placed in the square that's third from the top and second from the left.

With these three potions in place, working out where the last potion needs to go will be easy.



Too bad.

Check the conditions for where to place each potion once more.



Now all the potions are exactly where the witch wants them.

But wouldn't it make more sense to just keep them all in the same place?

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