Rabbit Hops (Bunny Hop in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


US Version

This peculiar rabbit has a unique method of getting around.

He travels 70 centimeters with each hop, but when he lands, he immediately hops 30 centimeters toward the direction his tail is pointing.

On a straight line, what is the minimum number of hops it will take this rabbit to reach a spot 10 meters away?

UK Version

An uncommonly clever rabbit has imposed some rather strange rules upon its movement. It can jump 70 cm forwards, but after every jump forwards, it must jump 30 cm in the direction of its tail.

If this rabbit needed to travel 10 m in a straight line, what is the lowest number of jumps in which it could cover the distance?


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At first glance, you might think the best this bunny can do is travel 70 centimeters forward and then 30 centimeters back, for a gain of 40 centimeter every two hops.

Can you think of a more efficient way for the bunny to move forward?

During the first 70-centimeter hop, there's something the rabbit can do to maximize his next jump.

Remember, when he lands, he "hops 30 centimeters toward the direction his tail is pointing."

Don't take anything for granted.

Image the rabbit doing a 180-degree turn in midair during each hop.

This maneuver would allow him to move toward the target spot with each hop!

If during his first hop the rabbit does 1 180-degree turn in midair, his tail will point toward the target spot when he lands, meaning his next hop will take him even closer to the target.

As long as the rabbit does a 180-degree turn in midair during each hop, he will cover one meter every two hops!

Pretty nifty, but it can make you dizzy just thinking about it...



Too bad!

This bunny is kind of weird, but he's also quite clever.


US Version

Hop, hop, hooray!

Twenty hops is correct.

If the bunny rabbit turns 180 degrees in midair during each 70-centimeter hop, he will land and then hop 30 centimeters toward his tail, which will be pointing forward toward the target spot.

Using this method, it will simply take the bunny two hops to cover each meter!

UK Version

That's right!

The answer is 20 jumps.
After every 70cm jumps forwards, the puzzle rabbit turns around 180 degrees and jumps a further 30 cm in the direction of its tail, thereby covering 1 m in two jumps.


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