Rainbow Repair is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Oh dear! It seems you've accidentally broken a window while playing near a grand manor. The lady of the house didn't lose her cool but just told you this: "I'd like you to use these six colored pieces of tape to mend the window exactly as shown in this drawing. The tape should go on the inside of the window, of course.

The drawing shows the window as she'd like it to look from the outside. Can you apply the tape to the window so that she's satisfied?


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Don't forget that the sketch shows the result as seen from the outside of the house. How would the frontmost piece of tape as seen from the outside look when viewing the window from the inside?

The first piece of tape that you stick on the inside of the window will become the frontmost piece of tape when viewing the window from outside.

Which means you need to start with the blue diamond tape.

When viewed fromqoutside, the striped red tape comes after the blue tape.

Which color comes next?

Here's the order of the tape as viewed from the outside. First the blue diamond tape, then the striped red tape, the orange tape with diagonal stripes, the striped green tape, the pink tape with squares, and finally the plain yellow tape.

Oh, and don't forget that since the picture shows the view from outside rather than inside, you'll need to mirror the layout.




Since you're working from the inside, you need to start with the tape at the very front of the design and work toward the back. And, of course, you need to remember that the whole design will be mirrored too.

Hopefully the lady of the manor will be happy with this solution...

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