Rolling the Die is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


A young boy sits quietly on a stoop rolling a single die over and over. Each time the die stops rolling, he picks it up, examines it, and whispers something to himself.

Each time he rolls a one, he whispers, "15."
Each time he gets a six, he whispers, "20."

The boy has just rolled a three. What number will he whisper this time?


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A key phrase that you should keep in mind as you solve this puzzle is "sum total."

Your average die is labeled with the numbers one through six. What number would you get if you added them all up?

Fun fact time!

Did you know that opposing faces of dice always add up to seven?




There must be some reason why this boy is whispering those numbers. It's up to you to find it.


The answer is 17.

The boy is counting the number of dots currently visible on the die. The only face of the die not included in this count is the one that faces down.

The top and bottom sides of a die always add up to seven, so it's easy to calcuate the total for the five faces exposed on any given roll.


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