Rotating Room is a puzzle in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


"Ghastly figures now haunt the interior of this mysterious mansion, and I have been tasked with ridding its halls of their ilk.

If I am to succeed in my mission. I must light all of the candles to vanquish these fiends!

Hmm... This room seems to rotate. Use this to your advantage and rotate the room so that I might reach the candles!"

Note: the candles will light up or extinguish each time the knight passes by.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The first step to completing this puzzle involves spinning the room six times in the following directions:
4 times anticlockwise
1 time clockwise
1 time anticlockwise.

That's two candles lit. Can you light more?

Next, you'll give the room three more spins, all three of which will be clockwise.

Don't worry if you extinguish a candle during this step. The puzzle is far from over!

The next step will really take you for a spin.

Spin the room clockwise five times.

Spin the room in the following directions:
2 times clockwise
1 time anticlockwise
1 time clockwise
1 time anticlockwise.

All the candles should be lit!




"The house is once again clear!
You have my utmost gratitude!"

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