Rupert and Bill is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.


Rupert and Bill are playing in the park, and they start chatting.

"Hey, Bill! Three years from now, you'll be twice the age I'm now, right?" says Rupert.

Bill pauses for a moment, then responds.

"Well, get this! When I'm twice the age I am now, I'll be three times your current age. Crazy, right?"

So how old are Rupert and Bill? Just so you know, neither of the boys are 10 yet.


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Since both of the boys are younger than 10, there are only so many combinations of ages you need to explore.
Don't forget, Bill is the older of the two boys.



That's right!

If Rupert is six and Bill is nine, then in three years, Bill will be 12, which is twice Rupert's current age. In nine years, Bill will be 18, which is three times Rupert's current age.

You could use a formal set of equations to solve this, but just plugging in numbers until you get it right can be fun too. For a couple of kids, Bill and Rupert certainly do have some advanced conversations.


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