Seal of Sages is a puzzle in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


There are four stone slabs and a pedestal with two recesses. Each stone slab has a different symbol.

Place a slab in each recess and touch Check to make the seal on the door light up. Each slab will reflect a different symbol on to the wall.

Find the combination of slabs that will correctly light up the seal!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

One of the snake symbols is facing in the wrong direction.

Naturally, this plate will not be used.

Not all of the snakes' tails are the same.

Look closely at the number of stripes.

There are no other differences apart from the snakes' positions and stripes.

Place the leftmost slab into the first recess on the pedestal.

Next, turn the rightmost slab 90 degrees anticlockwise and place it into the second recess on the pedestal.




You can finally continue on to the deepest depths of the ruins!

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