Sheep Shearing is a weekly puzzle in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.


Two farming brothers inherited a flock of sheep numbering a multiple of 10. Their father's will stated: "Each of you inherits however many sheep you shear, but you may only shear up to seven sheep a day."

The brothers began shearing at the same time, but the younger brother gave up during the fifth day. The elder brother continued and sheared the last six sheep of the flock on the seventh day. How many sheep did the younger brother inherit?


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The key is in working out how many sheep the younger brother sheared. You know that the older brother sheared seven sheep each in six days and six on the seventh, giving a total of 48. Meanwhile, the younger sheared seven each in the first four days, which equals 28.
Given that the number of the flock is a multiple out of 10, it should be easy to work out how many sheep the younger sheared on the fifth day.



Too bad!

It may seem difficult, but this puzzle is quite simple if you think logically and calmly.



He inherited 32 sheep.

The elder brother sheared 48 sheep, and by the end of the fourth day the younger brother had sheared 28.
48 + 28 = 76

The flock numbered a multiple of 10, so it must have had 80 sheep, and the remaining four sheep must have been cut by the younger brother. Adding those to the previous total gives 32 sheep.


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