Shelve the Books (A Tidy Bookshelf in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


US Version

Arrange the five books below into the green bookshelf following these rules:

  • No books can go left of the brown book.
  • Only the blue book can touch the brown book.
  • The yellow book goes to the left of the white book.
  • The blue book must touch the purple book.
  • The white book needs to be sandwiched between the yellow and purple books and not touch any others.
  • An empty space big enough for one book must be left next to the yellow book.
UK Version

Arrange these books of equal thickness on the shelf according to the rules below:

  • There are no books to the left of the brown one.
  • Only the blue book touches the brown one.
  • The yellow book is to the left of the white one.
  • The blue book touches the purple one.
  • The white book is sandwiched between the yellow and purple books, but touches no other.
  • There's an empty space for one book next to the yellow one.


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"No books can go left of the brown book." So this means it must touch the far-left side.

The third and fifth rules tell you how to arrange the yellow, white, and purple books. From left to right, put them in exactly that order.

The second and fourth rules should give you a good idea about where to place the blue book. However, if all of the books are placed vertically, you'll never solve this puzzle.

If you keep this in mind, you'll find there's only one place you can put the blue book...

Following the rules and put all of the books into the bookcases except for the blue one. Now see that space along to top? Turn the blue book sideways, and it will fit right in!



Too bad!

As long as the conditions are met, it doesn't matter how you arrange the books.


US Version

Book smart!

Placing the blue book sideways at the top is the key.

UK Version

That's right!

Placing the blue book horizontally on top of the others makes it work.


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