Shoe Box Scramble is a puzzle in the UK version of Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


There are three shoeboxes that each contain two shoes. The boxes are labeled as shown.

However, the labels have all been placed on the wrong boxes. From which of the three shoeboxes can you remove one shoe in order to work out which pairs of shoes are in which box?

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The contents and labels consist of three variations, RR, LL, and LR. You have a very narrow range of options to choose from. Imagine the possible contents for each box and think about with one you should open.



That's right!

The key is that each box has been mislabeled. For example, the LR box has to be either RR or LL, so if you take a right shoe box out of this box you know the contents are in fact RR. Using that information, you can work out the contents of the other boxes. LL must actually be LR, as you now know where the real RR is.'

Now the contents of the final box should be obvious. The process for solving this puzzle is the same number whether you take a left or right shoe out of the box labeled LR.


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