Slot Sequence 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Here's an unusual slot machine: the numbers that appear when it is activated aren't random but obey some sort of rule. Your task is to predict what four-digit number will appear next. However, you only have five chances to get it right, so think carefully!

Touch the numbers on the Touch Screen to make your prediction. When you're ready, touch the orange button to activate the slot machine.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Since there's a rule that determines the next number, the only way you can start working it out is by activating the slot machine and comparing the new number that appears to the first one.

It gets easier the more numbers you have to compare. Don't be shy--you can spin the reels up to four times before you even need to give an answer. Just don't forget to write down the numbers as you go along!

So following on from Hint 1, what numbers have come up so far? Compare them and see if you notice anything. It may look like completely unrelated sets of numbers, but there must be some kind of rule determining what will appear next.

Have you considered looking at each reel on its own?

Activate the slot machine four times, and write down all the numbers one above the other.

Next, look at the rightmost column of numbers. Do you notice anything about them? This digit seems to change by the same amount every time.

Now compare the others to see if there's a similar pattern!

Based on Hint 3, you've probably realized that the rightmost digit increases by one each time. 9 changes to 0, but remember that 0 can be taken as the rightmost digit of the number 10!

The other digits also increase by a fixed amount each time. If you can work out how much each one goes up by, predicting the next number should be a walk in the park.



Too bad.

Remember, there's a rule that determines the next number. There's no use in just guessing at random numbers!



From left to right, the digits increase by the following amount each time:
4, 3, 2, 1

How many spins did it take you to get it?

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