Snoozysnore Strikes! is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


You have three sleep bombs, and you want to bounce one of them up to the top-right vent.

Bombs are deflected at a right angle when they hit a board. Additionally, whenever a bomb hits a board marked with O, the board itself will also rotate 90°.

It's up to you to fire bombs from the vents on the left and get one of them to land next to the vent at the top right.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

For one of your bombs to reach the vent in the top right, the O board directly to the left of that vent needs to be rotated.

To hit the O board that's below it.

Thinking about the bombs' routes in reverse like this will make the puzzle easier to solve.

Think about where you need the first of your bombs to go. If you do that, it should become apparent that you need to fire it from the second vent from the bottom.

The second one of your bombs needs to be fired from the top vent. Now all you need to think about is the vent from which your final bomb should be fired.



Sweet dreams!

Hang on, there's no guard this time around, is there? Who are you putting to sleep?

  • Initial position
  • Use the second from the right vent
  • Use the left vent
  • Use the second from the right vent
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