Something Fishy is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


This poster was ripped to pieces before being stuck to this sign. You need to put all the pieces in the right place, but you don't want to take them off the sign one at a time in case they blow away in the wind.

Not to worry, though: you can recreate the poster by moving three pieces at a time, either up, down or sideways. Feel free to move the pieces as many times as you like, and restore this fish to its former glory!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

You can return all the pieces to the right places in just five moves.

If you get five moves in and things still aren't in the right place, it's probably faster to just start again.

You should start by focusing on the most obvious part of the poster. The first thing you need to move is the fish's mouth.

Move the three pieces int he middle row to the right.

Next up, you need to move the pieces int he fourth row from the top all the way over to the left.

Once you've done that, move the three pieces in the central column one square upwards.

Slide the pieces in the second row from the top into the centre of the board.

The whole thing's starting to look pretty fishy now, isn't it?




If you couldn't make head nor tail of it before, you certainly can now!

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