Spades and Clubs is a weekly puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


A full deck of 52 cards (without any jokers) has been shuffled and divided into thre roughly equal piles.

The pile on the left has 17 cards, four of which are red. The middle pile has 18 cards, six of which are red.

How many of the cards in the pile on the right are black.


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This puzzle can be solved with simple addition and subtraction skills.

Remember, there are an equal number of red and black cards in a full deck.




One black card is correct.

In the left pile of 17 cards, there are four red and 13 black. In the middle pile of 18 cards, there are six red and 12 black. In the pile on the right, then, there must be 16 red cards and just one black card!

These cards were shuffled, right?


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