Staged Silhouettes is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


You're taking some instant film silhouettes for a concert programme and accidentally kick one of the test shots into your pile of final shots - oops!

Luckily the performers are still in place from the final shot, so you should be bale to work out which photo is the test. Touch the light bulb to change the lighting conditions and compare the silhouettes to your photos. Note that all the photos were taken when the light shining directly towards you.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

When looking at the silhouettes, it's easy to be distracted by the size of the performers, but it's actually the order of the performers that's important.

Switch the central light on, and note whose shadow is tot he right of the triangle player. That's right - it belongs to the woman with the flute. Now, there should be one photo in which the silhouette starts with the triangle player on the left, followed by the flautist.

All right, let's switch on the right-hand light.

Whose shadow appears to the right of the triangle player now? That's right - the cellist's.

Which photo as the triangle player on the far left, with the cellist to the right of her?

Next up, switch on the left-hand light.

Now the bearded man playing oboe in the middle of the stage appears to the right of the flautist.

This means that the photo taken with the left-hand light is either C or D. Look at whose shadow appears next to the oboist. Is it the triangle player or the bow with the violin?

Hints 1 to 3 should have informed you which photographs were taken using which lights.

Photograph A was taken using the central light, photograph B was taken using the right-hand light, and photograph D was taken using the left-hand left.

There's only one photo remaining - that one must be the test shot!



Too bad.

Don't get fixated on the size of the performers. That's really not important.


That's right!

Photograph C is the test shot.

Photograph D was taken using the light on the left, photograph A was taken using the light in the middle, and photograph B was taken using the light on the right!

Phew! Your professional reputation can remain intact!

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