Stick & Move (Stick to the Plank in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.


A man is moving a water jug using a round stick and a long plank.

If the circumference of the stick is 20 cm, how far ahead, in centimeters, would the water jug be after one complete curn of the stick?

This is assuming that the plank, stick, and jug do not slip out of place or get stuck.


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Remember that the stick isn't staying in one spot--it moves forward 20cm in one turn.

Think about what else is moving.

The position of the plank changes with the position of the stick and vice versa.

What does the man have to do to the plank to make the stick move?

Even as the stick moves forward, it's still rolling toward the back of the plank.

Think about what this means for the final position of the jug.

If it's too hard to imagine, try it out using a round object nearby.

The plank rests on the stick.

When the stick moves 20 cm along the ground, it slides the plank 20 cm forward at the same time.

Taken together, this is the total distance moved by the jug.



You're on a roll!

When the stick rolls round, it moves forward 20 cm. The plank also moves 20 cm as it's pushed.

Added together, the jug moves 40 cm.


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