Stomp on It! is a puzzle in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


The house's floorboards are all in complete disarray, much to the displeasure of the owner.

He has decided to stomp out the problem himself... literally.

Each time he stomps on a tile, the stomped tile and the surrounding tiles will flip over. Tiles sectioned off by dividers will not be flipped by a nearby stomp.

Stomp and arrange all of the tiles!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

If things get a bit muddled, try starting over.

This puzzle can easily be done in only five steps.

Start off by stomping the tile to the right.

Just four more steps to go!

After jumping to the right, jump to the tile below. That's the top half done!

With the top half of the floor completed, it might be obvious which tile should be stomped next.

All that's left is the bottom half of the room.

If you followed the previous hints closely, you are but a mere couple of jumps away!

Be sure to jump in the "right" direction!




The floorboards are looking great!

But who knows how long that will last...

  • Initial position
  • Jump right
  • Jump down
  • Jump down
  • Jump right
  • Jump right
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