Strange Dots is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


The dice below look normal enough, but if you look carefully, you should see a pattern start to emerge.

You know the following:

A = 0
B = 9
C = 6

So what does D correspond to?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Look at the different dice shown. Now look up from your game and think for a moment. Can you think of anything in your environment that shares a strong connection to numbers?
It's something just about everyone sees on a daily basis.

The first hint states that the dice share a connection with an item in your environment that most people see on a daily basis. However, this item has come to take a completely different shape recently.
The newer version of this mystery item shares no connection with this puzzle.

The dice represent an object you are very familiar with.
In fact, you probably have one hanging on your wall or strapped to your wrist right now!



Too bad!

The answer relates to something you've seen thousands of times in your life. You might even be able to see one from where you're sitting right now.


That's right!

The dots on each die represent the hands on an analog clock.


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