Strawberry Sharer is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


Time for dessert! You have a huge mound of strawberries to share between four children, A to D. You'd think it would be easy, but each of these picky children is very specific about the number of strawberries they'd like:

A: "I want one fewer than B."

B: "I want three times what C gets!"

C: "I want five fewer than A."

D: "I want half as many as A."

Bearing in mind that the plates hold up to nine strawberries, can you dish our the fruit and satisfy all four children's demands?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Start by thinking about the relationship between the four shares. That will make it easier to work out how many strawberries to give each child.

Take a look at the statements. Can you work out who wants the most strawberries?

It's obvious from the children's statements that both C and D want fewer strawberries than A. Now, since A states that he'd like one few strawberry than B, you know that B wants the most strawberries.

In fact, it should be clear that B wants the maximum possible number of strawberries: nine.

You know from Hint 3 that B wants nine strawberries. Child A specifically asks for one fewer than B, which is eight strawberries. C wants five fewer than A, meaning three strawberries.

Now you just need to work out how many strawberries to give D. Since you already know how many A wants, this should be no problem!



Too bad.

Read each child's statement carefully once again.



The most strawberries any child can get is nine, and it's pretty obvious from B;s statement that she;s a huge fan of strawberries.

If B gets nine strawberries, A gets eight, C gets three and D gets four.

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