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Stumble's Banners 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


US Version

"The poster wrapped around this pole has torn, and the top half has slid right out of place. I wanted to replace it with another that's exactly the same, but the spares I found all look slightly different from one another. I've got no idea which one to put up! Could you take a look for me and find one that matches the poster on the pole?"

Can you help the policeman find the right poster? Touch the posters on the Touch Screen to enlarge them. Slide the hand left and right to examine the torn original.

UK Version

What a bungled job! The bottom half of this poster has become completely detached from the top. Luckily, the scatterbrain who put it up left behind a box of spares, so Layton and the policeman should be able to replace it.

There's a complication, though: all the spare posters are a little different. Can you find the one that exactly matches the original? Touch the posters on the Touch Screen to enlarge them and slide the hand left and right to examine the torn original.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

It's much harder comparing things when you can't see the whole picture at once, isn't it? Try to work out where the edges of the flat posters correspond to on the pole.

It's quite a strange poster to begin with. The section with the Ferris wheel draws the eye, doesn't it?

Have you noticed anything around the spooky pumpkin ride at the withered tree?

There's definitely something odd about the boy near the Ferris wheel and the children in the pumpkin ride. Take a closer look at these two places.



Too bad.

Examine all the posters carefully! You must have overlooked something.


Nicely spotted!

In poster A, the direction the little boy is facing is wrong. In poster B, there are fewer people riding the Pumpkin Spinners. It can only be C!


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