Suit Crates is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Four large, painted crates are sitting here. When stacked in a certain way, these crates combine to create one of the four symbols of a card suit: either spade, heart, diamond, or club.

Use the crane to move the four crates and place them on the dials on the right so that they form this card-suit symbol. You can rotate the crates horizontally in midair.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Take a close look at the pattern painted on the sides of each crate.

Start with the crate on the top left. It has on its four sides what seems to be the top-left corners of a diamond and of a club, and the top-right corners of a diamond and of a heart. Clearly this must be one of the two top crates! This also shows that you can rule out the spade altogether.

Next, let's take the top-right crate. One of its sides has the top-right corner of a spade, but you already know you can't make a spade, so you can discount that. All three other sides have a bottom corner.

Now picture what each quarter of a card-suit symbol would look like. Some parts might be the same for spades and clubs, or for hearts and diamonds.

Now take the bottom-left crate. It has the bottom left of a black suit, the top right of a club, the top left of a spade, and the bottom left of a red suit.

The bottom-right crate has the top left of a heart, the bottom right of two red suits, and the bottom right of a black suit.

The lack of usable diamond top corners narrows it down to either a heart or a club.

You know that the only suit symbol you can make is either a heart or a club.

Can we assume it's a heart? Well, you've got the top-left part on that last crate mentioned in Hint 3, but none of the other crates have the bottom-right corner of a red suit.

So the symbol must be a club! The only thing left is to put it together.



Well done!

The crates were meant to form a suit of clubs!

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