Ten Candles is a weekly puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


There are 10 candles shown below. One person starts lighting the candles four minutes after arriving and lights four candles every four minutes. Another person starts blowing out the candles five minutes after arriving and blows out three candles every five minutes.

Assuming the lighter and the blower arrive at the same time and all the candles are out to begin with, how many candles will be lit after 25 minutes?


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Can you figure out how many candles will be lit after 20 minutes?

At 19 minutes, seven candles will be lit and lighting and blower out will be happening at the same time. Therefore, eight will be lit.



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After 24 minutes, the candle lighter starts lighting again, but at this point eight candles have already been lit, so he can only light the last two.

After 25 minutes, the candle blower starts blowing them out again, so there will only be seven lit.


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