Tethered Ted is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


You've just arrived at a funfair stall, and an assortment of prizes is up on display. They're all pretty nifty, but it's the teddy bear that really catches your eye.

The only way to get it, though, is to pick the rope it's tied to and yank it down from there.

Follow each rope carefully, and then circle the one you want to pull!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Are you a bit unsure about what you need to do? Each rope is connected to a single prize, so first try to match up each rope to each prize.

Once you've found the rope that connects to the teddy bear, circle it and you're done!

All right, here's a hint for you:

The rope at the far left is not connected to the teddy bear.

You really need another hint?

All right... The rope on the far right isn't connected to the teddy bear either.

That means it could still be any of the three rope in the middle.

Okay, this is definitely your final hint:

The middle rope isn't connected to the teddy either.

That means it could either be the rope second from the left, or second from the right. The choice is up to you!



Too bad.

Look carefully at which rope is tied to which prize.



You got it! This teddy was made by a famous toy maker. No two are ever alike!

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