Tethered Ted 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


"Roll, roll up! One tick for the draw, sir? If you'll just step up to the stall... Now, see these ropes here? Just pick one and give it a good hard pull. You're guaranteed to get a prize!"

The showman goes on for a bit, but the only prize you really want is the teddy bear.

Look carefully at each of the ropes and circle the one you want to pull!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

All right then, here's a little hint for you:

Neither of the two ropes on the left are connected to the teddy bear.

What, you want another hint?! Well... Okay, just this once.

Neither of the two ropes on the right are connected to the teddy bear either.

You're still having trouble with this one?

Well, I suppose there's nothing else for it but to tell you that the middle rope isn't connected to the teddy bear either.

Hmm? That's odd. It suddenly looks like none of these ropes are connected to that poor teddy bear...

The end of the rope that's connected to the teddy bear is there somewhere, so keep an eye out for a rope of the same colour other than the five that have already been eliminated from the previous hints.

Could it perhaps be somewhere close to the right-hand edge of the Touch Screen?



Too bad.

Pay very close attention to what's displayed on screen.


Nice work!

Looks like you've got yourself a fluffy new friend! That was a pretty cruel puzzle, but clearly no match for you!

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