Tetrahedron Trial is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


The image below is of a tetrahedron that has been disassembled so that each of its four faces lie flat.

Which of the triangles should you insert in place of the ? so that when the tetrahedron is put together, both the red and the blue lines continue unbroken from one face to the next.


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Look at how the red and blue lines cross over each other at the tetrahedron. Note that three lines, one blue and two red, cross over the edges of the center triangle in the collapsed tetrahedron.

The missing triangle's right side connects with the top triangle's right side. You can see two lines here, one red and one blue.

The bottom side of the missing triangle connects with the bottom the left most triangle. Only a single red line passes over this edge.

Read previous hints and check which lines cross where. Do that, and the answer is yours.



Try again!

Take another look at the arrangement.



Three-dimensional visualization is critical to solving this puzzle.


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