That's Juicy! is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


The owner of a juice factory wanted to send a gift to three important customers. To make sure no one was offended, they were all given 18 liters of juice, but there weren't enough of each bottle size to make the shipments identical. Still, the owner was able to make up three shipments of 18 liters using different sets of small, medium, and large bottles.

Can you work out how many liters of juice each size of bottle holds? All the sizes are whole numbers, by the way.


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B and C each received six small bottles. If you remove those from the equation, the remainder of their shipments will tell you that one large bottle is equal to two medium ones.

Hint 1 demonstrated that one large bottle equals two medium bottles. You can thus replace the large bottle in A's shipment with two medium ones, giving a total of five medium bottles.

A has five medium and three small bottles.
C has four medium and six small bottles.

So you know that one medium bottle is equivalent to three small bottles.

You already replaced the large bottle in A's shipment with two medium ones in the last hint. Now take it one step further:replace each medium bottle with three small ones. A now has 18 small bottles.

Since the total shipment size is 18 liters, you know that each small bottle must contain one liter of juice.

Let's summarize what you've worked out from the previous hints.

1 large bottle = 2 medium bottles
1 medium bottle = 3 small bottles
1 small bottle = 1 liter of juice

With this information, it shouldn't take you long to work out how many liters the medium and large bottles hold.



Too bad.

Each combination of bottles adds up to 18 liters. Bear that in mind.


That's right!

The large bottle holds six liters, the medium holds three, and the small holds one.

That's a lot of juice!


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