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The Ant Takes a Walk is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.


A wire cube sits on the floor below. One ant sits at the point under the white arrow. Starting from its current position, the ant wants to walk on each wire in the cube, without ever crossing any length of wire twice. To do this, you need to add a single wire to the cube.

In which area--A, B, or C--should you add the wire to make this possible? Note that the ant may cross over a point where two or more wires meet as many times as it likes. Select a letter to answer.


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Essentially, this puzzle is asking you where to add a wire in order to create a 30D shape you could draw without ever lifting your pen from the page or retracing a line.
Two of the potential answers let you do this, but only one works when you start from the point under the white arrow.



Good job!

The answer is C.

This puzzle uses an ant as a visual aid, but it's basically asking you to draw a 3-D shape without lifting your pen.

While wire A also lets you draw a cube in one stroke, it doesn't let you do so when starting from the white arrow. B is also incorrect, because no matter where you start from, you can't complete the drawing in one continuous line.


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