The Checkerboard (The Chessboard in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


There are three sheets of transparent plastic with different patterns painted on them. If you layer them correctly, a checkerboard pattern appears. The order in which you layer them is important, and you can't flip or rotate the sheets.

Which sheet goes on the very bottom--A, B, or C?


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You're not trying to build the entire checkerboard in your head at once, are you? That will only confuse you.

Try focusing on just one part of the board first.

Any sheet that doesn't already have a rough checkerboard pattern on it can be excluded as the top sheet.

A sheet that contains adjacent squares of the same color can't go on top.

Sheets A and B have adjacent squares of the same color. If you put either of these sheets on top, you won't have a checkerboard. In other words, you know that C goes on top.

Now that you know this, think about what colors need to fit into the black squares of sheet C.



Too bad!

Think carefully about how the sheets should be layered.


Nicely done!

B goes on the very bottom, and then the other sheets are layered in the order pictured above.


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