The Clock's Chime is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


There is a clock tower that rings the time on the hour every hour. However, this clock tower is special in that it rings the time out very slowly. Each ringing of the bell takes a full five seconds.

Now to the problem. When the time is 12 p.m. the bell rings 12 times. How many seconds does it take for you to hear the time?


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The bell will ring 12 times, and there are five seconds between each sounding of the bell.

It sure sounds simple, but there's at least one step everyone overlooks at first.

Think about what needs to happen in order for you to realize it's 12 o'clock.



Think about this some more.

If you could get the right solution by just multiplying information given to you, this wouldn't be a puzzle. It'd be math class.


Many people's first instinct is to multiply five seconds by 12 rings of the bell, thus coming to an answer of 60 seconds. The thing is, you'll know it's 12 o'clock the moment you hear the bell ring out for the twelfth time. This means you're only really waiting for the bell to ring 11 times.

Eleven rings times five seconds per ring equals 55 seconds. This is how long it takes for you to know the time.



In the Japanese version, this puzzle is listed as Weekly Puzzle 01.

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