The Crank and Slot is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


There's no way to lower the bridge and get across without inserting the crank into the correct slot!

Choose the slot that fits the crank shown below.


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First, get a good, long look at the shape of the crank. How is the central axle shaped? Are the little protrusions around the edges of the crank triangular or square?

Next, look at where those funny shapes stick out on the crank.

Starting to make sense? Next, look at where those funny

While you need to pay attention to the actual features of the crank and slot, you also need to remember that the shape of the slot is a mirror image of the crank.

That's right, you have to stare at the crank straight on and then look for the slot that mirrors it.

The central axle of the crank has five sides. There are three shapes attached to the main axle, one triangle and two squares.

One of the small squares sits right on top of one of the axle's five corners, while the other two shapes sit flush on two sides of the axle.

All right, now you have everything you need. Don't forget that you need to flip the crank's shape when searching for the slot!



Too bad!

Take a careful look at the picture. The shape of the slot will be the reverse of the crank.


Nice job!

Now drop that bridge!


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