The Lazy Guard is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


The local museum has an exhibit that spans nine rooms, as shown in the diagram below. The entrance to the complex is marked by A, and the exit is marked by B.

The security guard on duty is a bit of a loafer and wants to walk each room of the exhibit while turning as few times as possible. What is the fewest number of turns he can make while still visiting every room?

As an example, the diagram below shows a course that involves six turns.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

First off, pay no mind to the sample path shown on the screen.
Here's an additional hint for you. Nowhere within the problem does it say the guard can only enter each room once. It's OK for your path to move back through a previously visited room.

Has the layout of the rooms and the sample path shown made you feel like all your turns need to be 90 degrees?
This puzzle wants you to find the solution with the fewest number of turns. This means that movement will always be in a straight line, but the angle of any given turn is up to you.

There's no reason the guard should have to enter the exhibit at an angle parallel to the room. Consider a path that starts with the guard entering from a 45-degree angle.
Don't forget, you can move through the same room twice.



Give it another shot!

The puzzle shows you an example on purpose. Sometimes seeing an example keeps people from thinking creatively. Don't get stuck in a rut.


That's right!

If the security guard takes a path like the one shown above, he can finish his patrol of all nine rooms in just two turns.

US Version

Since the example shows the guard turning right angles to go from room to room, it's easy to assume that your solution works the same way even though that's not the case.

UK Version

It's easy to be influenced by the fact that the example path shows the guard turning right angles to go from room to room, but you don't need to follow that example!


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