The Lazy Student is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


A teacher was reprimanding a particularly lazy student one day and told him the following:

"At the very least, you need to study once a day for an entire week before a test. Don't skimp on time either! Each time you study, I want you to study for a minimum of two hours."

The boy had no choice but to follow the teacher's orders, but decided he'd spend as little time possible doing so. Assuming the boy followed the teacher's orders exactly, how many hours did he end up studying?


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One week has seven days. The boy has to study two hours every day, so the answer must be 14 hours, right?

Come on now, what kind of puzzle would this be if that was the answer? What you need to do is brainstorm ways the boy could beat the system. For example, would starting his daily studies at an odd hour benefit him at all?



Try again!

The student has to follow the teacher's orders, but he wants to spend as little time studying as possible. Surely there's some way to get away with studying less than the teacher intended...


Very clever!

If the boy simply takes the teacher's orders at face value, he'd have to spend two hours a day studying for a full seven days, thus studying a total of 14 hours.

But if he starts studying just before the date changes and finishes two hours later, he can get away with doing a lot less studying.

In total, the boy only studies two hours every two days and two hours the last day. So the answer is eight hours.



In the Japanese version, this puzzle is listed as Weekly Puzzle 02. The Japanese version of this puzzle has a different hairstyle for the student and the teacher in which the student has shorter hair and the teacher has gray hair.

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