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The Rope Ladder is a puzzle in the European version of Professor Layton and the Curious Village. For the puzzle in the American version of the game, go here.


A rope ladder hangs from the side of a boat floating in the ocean, with the water coming up to the ninth rung. The ocean is calm, with almost no waves.

If the water rises by 40cm every hour, and the rungs of the ladder are 30cm apart, which rung will the water level be at in three hours?


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Before you get started on any calculations, read the explanation very thoroughly.

The end of the rope ladder is under the surface of the ocean. Try to picture this.

You'll see how easy this puzzle really is.

The boat is floating in the ocean!

It's not going to sink when the water level rises, is it?



Too bad!


That's right!

The water level will be at the ninth rung, just as it was in the beginning.

If a boat is floating in the ocean, it rises with the tide, so the water level will never change relative to the rungs of the rope ladder.

You shouldn't get caught out by ancient riddles like this one!


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