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The Rotating Arrow is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.


Here we have a pentagon with equal sides. As shown in Figure 1, a square with sides the same length as one side of the pentagon sits flush against the five-sided shape. It's labeled with an arrow pointing up. If you flip the square along the pentagon as shown in Figure 2, the arrow on the square changes direction.

Using the diagram below, figure out which direction the arrow faces if you continue to flip the square along the pentagon counterclockwise back to its original position.


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This puzzle may seem like a pain to solve, but if you follow the example given and visualize each of the steps, it's really not all that hard.
Try sketching out each flip of the square using the Memo function.



You did it!

There's nothing all that difficult about this puzzle, but it does require you to do a little creative thinking before you can arrive at the answer.


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