The Royal Victim is a puzzle in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


The King was attacked! The attack has left him on the floor and unconscious.

People rushed to the scene of the attack, preventing the suspect from making a clean escape. As a result, the culprit is still someone within the room. The question is: who?

Question those present and find the culprit. Remember that the assailant will try and lie his or her way out of trouble!


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Be critical of each person's testimony. The culprit could be anyone!

For example, if the Princess was lying, that would make the Prince the culprit. However, the Prince's testimony matches up with that of the Princess. She was not yet present in the room, just as she testified.

What information have you gathered so far?

The Princess is telling the truth, therefore the Prince is not the culprit.

If the prince is not the culprit, it follows that he was not the first to enter that room.

So then, who is telling the lie? Just who was the female voice heard by the prince?



Not quite!

Listen very carefully to the testimonies and piece together the sequence of events.

Pay attention to the type of voice heard by everyone in the room.



The female voice the Prince heard was that of the Knight, who is a woman.

The Knight was the first to enter, followed by the Prince, the Merchant, the Villager and lastly the Princess.

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