The Secret Message is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. For the puzzle in the European version of the game, go here.


On the day Dropstone was founded 50 years ago, the villagers toasted with red wine and danced late into the night. They also built this statue, engraving it with the word RED and the date 8-12. Part of the statue is shaped like a wineglass and can be filled with water from the spout at the top. While the statue describes the villagers' activities on the day of the founding, it can also show where they all found themselves the day after the festivities. Can you figure out where the villages were? Answer in three letters.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The puzzle asks you to answer with a three-letter word.

Say...part of the engraving is the three letter word RED. That's not just a coincidence is it?

Imagine how things would look it you filled the wineglass part of the monument to the brim with water.

When the wineglass part of the monument is filled with water, the bottom half of the inscription "8-12 RED" is submerged in water, and the top half casts a reflection on the water's surface.

Can you picture what that would look like?



Too bad!

Think hard about the clues you've been given and try again.



Filling the wineglass part of the monument with water creates a reflection that transforms the engraving of 8-12 RED to 8-13 BED.

Everyone must have stayed up so late celebrating the new village of Dropstone that they couldn't get up on time the next morning!


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